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Centrelink Online Services: Everything You Need To Know

Centrelink Online Services: Everything You Need To Know

Struggling to access Centrelink online services? You’re not alone! The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has severely affected the financial situations of thousands of Australians. Many have lost their jobs or have found themselves working significantly less. With over 5 million monthly searches on Google for myGov alone, we figured a quick guide on how to use Centrelink online services was in order. 

There is a regular surge of people rushing to their screens to set up a MyGov and Centrelink account to reap benefits or check on when their next payments are due. The bad news is that a lot of us aren’t exactly professionals in the digital realm. With everything shifting online, including our government, knowing how to access services like Centrelink is incredibly important.

To help you out with all of the digital lingo, we’ve has put together a guide to using Centrelink’s online services and creating a myGov account, in case the online resources you’ve found have left you unsure of how to get started

Getting started with Centrelink online services

What is myGov?

Let’s begin with the basics. myGov is a platform set up by the Australian Government that allows citizens to access a wide range of government programs, including Centrelink online services. The best way to think of myGov is as a portal that unlocks access to all of your personal services with only  one login and one password. 

The services you can link to your myGov account include:

  • Medicare
  • Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
  • Centrelink
  • Australian JobSearch
  • My Health Record
  • My Aged Care
  • Child Support
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Victorian Housing Register Application

6 Steps To Create A myGov Account

If you haven’t already created a myGov account yet, follow these simple instructions to get started!

Step one: Create an account

Head over to the myGov login page and you’ll find an icon that says ‘create an account’ under the login form.

Step two: Enter an email address

Enter your active personal email address, which you will use to sign in to your myGov account each time. Once you’ve entered your email, you’ll be emailed a code that you will need to enter on the next screen.

Step three: Enter your mobile number 

Now, you’ll be asked to enter your mobile number and click ‘next’. However, if you do not have a mobile number, you are able to skip this step.

Step four: Create your password

We’re now at the password creation stage. Your password can be at least 7 characters long and include at least 1 number. Once you’ve entered your password in twice, click ‘next’ – you will also be able to change your password anytime. 

Step five: Create six questions

We all know the frustration of forgetting your password. In the event that this or a suspected security breach does happen, you will be asked to answer a series of security questions that only you would know. 

You will be able to select questions from the options provided, or create your own. Once you have entered in your answer, select ‘next’. 

Step six: Your myGov account has been created!

By this stage, your myGov account will have successfully been created. You should be able to see your myGov username on screen. Remember, you can log into your myGov account with both your myGov username or your email.

Step seven: Link your services

Once you’re all set and signed in to your account, you can now link services! This means you can link Centrelink. To do this, go to the ‘Account Settings’ tab, and follow the prompts from there. 

What can I use myGov Centrelink for?

One of the key features of myGov is that it enables you to access Centrelink online services and manage any payments. Here are some of the most commonplace things you can use Centrelink online for:

Claim a payment

Through Centrelink online accounts, you can claim a payment, apply for an advance payment, as well as keep track of your claims and requests to transfer carer payments. In addition to this, if you prefer to have someone else handle your Centrelink matters, you can authorise them to act on your behalf. 

Update your personal details

You are able to update your personal details, such as your bank details, work status, and your status as a student. Additionally, you have the ability to report mutual obligation requirements, view or change appointments and complete your rent assistance review. 

Send and request documents

Your myGov Centrelink account allows you to easily access your Centrelink letters and submit and request documents. You can also request replacement concession and healthcare cards, along with view your payment and transaction history. 

Report your employment income

You can also report your income and confirm to Centrelink whether you are meeting your requirements. You will also be able to receive reminders for your reporting dates.  

Setting up the apps: myGov and Centrelink 

myGov – myGovAccess

The myGov mobile app is named ‘myGovAccess’. It’s free to download from the App Store or Google Plus. When you first download and log into your myGov Access app, a one-time access code will be created on your mobile device. This is a more secure alternative to simply sending you a code via SMS. 

Centrelink – Express Plus Centrelink

To access your Centrelink online services, you can use the Centrelink mobile app, ‘Express Plus Centrelink’. Just like the myGov Access app, Express Plus Centrelink is available to download for free from both the App Store or Google Plus.

There are a few features available through the Express Plus Centrelink app that allow you to do the following:


  • Track your claim
  • View payments and transaction history
  • View and print your letters
  • Upload or request documents
  • View your digital concessions and healthcare cards


Keep in mind, you cannot make a claim through the app. So, you will have to do this through Centrelink online services


You can view and update the following details on the app:


  • Your employment income
  • Family income estimate and payment choices
  • Personal details including your bank details
  • Your work status if you’re a student 

Lastly, you can download all documents to your Vault – Centrelink Express App’s cloud – along with share and print documents. 

You can find out more information on Express Plus Centrelink and its capabilities here

Am I eligible for Centrelink payments?

Gone are the days of waiting hours in a queue the length of the Nile at a Centrelink branch, only to be told you’re ineligible for a certain payment or service. Now, you can save time by using Centrelink’s Payment and Service Finder. This handy tool will find, estimate, and compare payments and services that you may be eligible for. You just have to answer a few basic questions and you’ll have the answers in minutes.  

What payments can I claim online? 

Centrelink offers a range of different payments. So, it can get confusing when you’re trying to figure out which ones are better suited to your personal needs and situation. To make things easier, here’s a list of all the payments currently available:


Group Payment Type 
Job Seekers
Older Australians
People with disabilities
Students and trainees
Rural and remote Australians
Concession and healthcare cards

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Last updated: 12 September 2020

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