For bad credit personal loans and more,
let us find you a lender.

For bad credit personal loans and more, let us find you a lender
How to Get Same Day Loans With Bad Credit

How to Get Same Day Loans With Bad Credit

Is it possible to get fast cash with bad credit?

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You’re short on cash and you need to be cashed up quick smart. If you have been asking yourself if same day loans bad credit are actually a thing, we can tell you: Yes, they are. When you send in all required documents during AEST business hours, many Australian lenders guarantee you an outcome within 60 minutes. That means you could receive your funds as early as the same day you send through your application. However, there are a few things you should know about same day loans and bad credit before you apply. Let’s get into it!

Can you get same day loans with bad credit?

If you are on the hunt for a same day loan, you will be happy to hear that many online lenders these days offer the same day outcome. This means that there are less than 24 hours from when you send your application to receiving an offer or in some cases receiving your funds that day. In fact, many lenders offer an outcome within 60 minutes if you apply during their business hours. However, if you have a bad credit score, you may find it harder to find the right lender. The good news is that there are plenty of lenders out there that are willing to give you a loan. And Pocket Cash can help you find the right one.

How fast can I get a loan?

The amount of time between submitting your application and receiving your funds is dependent on a few factors. In a best case scenario, it will take anything between a few minutes and a few hours. However, you can do your best by having all of the required documents ready, being ready to reply straight away and providing correct contact details in case there are any further questions.

How do you get a bad credit score?

Your credit score is a financial representation of your creditworthiness.Your credit score is a snapshot of up to seven years of your financial history and any debt that may have been incurred during that time. There are multiple factors that contribute to your credit score.

  • Missed or late payments: Depending on how late you pay a bill or installment, this will leave a bad mark on your credit score and could negatively affect your record for up to five years. Even a missed speeding ticket can turn into a default. So it’s best to stay on top of any debts and make repayments on time.
  • Applying for too many credit accounts: Each application will pull a hard enquiry that will be noted in your credit report. If you apply for multiple credit accounts at once, your credit score may drop rapidly. Therefore, it’s best to space applications out over a longer period of time and only apply when you are sure of your decision.
  • Taking on too much debt: Based on your income and financial habits, there is a maximum level of credit that lenders will give you. If you have come close to or reached that limit, it will be difficult to find a loan. Therefore, it’s best to repay your debts first before applying for a new loan.
  • Serious negative entries like credit infringements and bankruptcies: A negative mark like this will greatly impact your credit score and stay on your report for up to seven years. Lenders may be reluctant to give you a loan if they see this on your report. It’s best to be honest with any potential lenders and you may be able to find a way around this.

What is Pocket Cash?

We get it. If you are doing a frantic Google search for ‘same day loans bad credit’ then you don’t have much time to spare looking around for the perfect lender. That’s where Pocket Cash comes in. We are a lender finding service and we do all the hard work for you. Drawing from a big pool of trusted lenders that we can connect you with, all you have to do is send us one application and we compare it against our lenders’ criteria. Once we find the right fit, we let you know straight away – et voila, you have a lender that fulfils your needs.

What loans can I get?

If you are after same day loans with a bad credit score, it’s best to know what loan options are available to you first. There are multiple types of loans that you can get, however, your financial situation may determine what options are available to you. With that in mind, an unsecured personal loan is often the easiest option if you have bad credit.

Secured and unsecured personal loans

A personal loan is a form of credit that is not tied to a specific purpose. A bank or lender allows you to borrow an agreed upon amount of money (principal) for a specified amount of time (loan term) while you pay an additional percentage in interest for the loan. Smaller loans often don’t need any security against them, they are known as unsecured personal loans. If you borrow bigger sums of money, a lender will often require you to provide an asset as security against your loan. Traditionally this asset could be property or a vehicle like a car or a ute.

Car loans

This type of personal loan is specifically for the purpose of buying a vehicle like a car, a motorbike or a caravan. Often, the vehicle you are purchasing can be used as security against your loan. Therefore, your lender can offer you better loan terms and interest rates. However,if you can’t make your repayments, your bank or lender can repossess your vehicle.

Debt consolidation loans

If you have debt from previous loans that you can’t seem to get on top of, you can make your life easier by combining multiple debts into one loan. Consolidating multiple payments into one loan  allows you to have a better overview of your cash flow. Having one payment with one pay date and one interest rate can provide peace of mind and may save you money in interest.

Can I get a loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can! As previously mentioned, there are several reasons why you may have a bad credit score. Often, this doesn’t reflect your ability to repay a loan. While some traditional lenders may give you a hard time applying for a loan, many modern lenders know a credit score isn’t a true reflection of your ability to pay back a loan. Through individual assessments, lenders can get a better picture of your financial situation and will possibly be able to offer you a loan. If you are unsure where to find lenders like this, Pocket Cash has got your back. We can offer a helping hand and match you with a lender that offers same day loans to applicants with bad credit.

Who can apply?

Here are some things to consider if you have bad credit and are worried you may not be eligible for a loan application. Most lenders have the same minimum requirements. If you can answer yes to the following questions then you are off to a good start.

  • Are you over 18 years old?
  • Do you live permanently in Australia (citizen or PR)?
  • Can you provide a valid mobile phone number and email address?
  • Do you have a stable income and at least 90 days proof of payslips?
  • Can you provide the details of your online banking account?

If you frantically nodded your head to the above questions, great, you are ready to apply! If you have any additional questions regarding your loan options, you can get in touch with our customer service teams.

How to apply for same day loans bad credit?

At Pocket Cash, we are here to help. You will only need one application and we do the hard work for you. Therefore, we highly recommend you give it a shot.

Apply online.

It will only take you a few minutes. If you want to start the application straight away, you can scroll to the top of this page, choose your loan amount and play around with the loan terms until you are happy. Once you hit ‘Apply Now’, we will take you through the application process in just a few clicks.

We assess your application.

Once you have completed the application process, you can kick back and relax while our team starts working. We have a big pool of trusted lenders to find a good fit for your needs. Once we have found one, we will let you know straight away. It will only take a few minutes if you apply during AEST business hours.

Your lender will be in touch.

Once we have made a match for you, your new lender will be in touch very soon. They will let you know if they need any additional information. You can discuss any questions you may have with your lender and it won’t be long until you possibly receive your loan.

What do I need to apply?

For a speedy application, it’s best to have your documents ready to go. We need to know a few details about you and your financial situation and of course, we need to know how to get in touch with you. Here’s what you need to have ready:

  • Your personal details (DoB, address etc.)
  • Email address and valid phone number
  • Why you are applying for a loan
  • Your online banking details
  • Details about your employment situation or myGov logins if you receive Centrelink

Why choose Pocket Cash?

If you are after a same day loan, you don’t have much time to compare lenders and look for the best deals. The earlier you apply, the better. Pocket Cash is your lender finder of choice. Instead of trawling the internet for a good deal, we do all the hard work for you. Within minutes, we can connect you with a suitable lender.

Our service is 100% online.

Outside is so 2019. After the year we have endured, we have come to expect to deal with all of our life admin from the couch. Our application is fast, easy and completely online. Therefore, you can be done within a few minutes, get back to your Netflix and wait for your outcome.

We connect you with trusted lenders.

There are so many lenders online that it can be hard to know who to trust with your data. Rest assured that Pocket Cash only works with lenders that are trusted partners. Your privacy is important to us and we promise confidentiality.

It’s free!

Okay, that should’ve been our first point – we don’t charge you anything. We believe it’s hard enough to find the right lenders without having to pay for a finder service. We can’t promise that we can find you the perfect lender for your needs, but we will do our best at no charge to you.

What are you waiting for?

If you have any additional questions, make sure to check our FAQ section. Otherwise, our team is happy to answer any questions. Ready? Head over to the top of this page and choose your loan amount and loan term. Your next loan is just around the corner.

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