For bad credit personal loans and more,
let us find you a lender.

For bad credit personal loans and more, let us find you a lender
Loans For People With Bad Credit From $2,100 – $10,000

Loans For People With Bad Credit From $2,100 – $10,000

Personal loans for people with bad credit are available and you can apply for our lender-finding service today

Do you need a loan? Are you worried about applying with bad credit? We have great news – you don’t need a perfect credit score to get the cash you need! Don’t worry we can find you lenders that offer loans for people with bad credit.

Don’t let rejected credit applications and a few glitches on your credit record stop you from having the life you deserve. There’s a fast way to put cash in your pocket and a smile on your face!

If you’ve been looking for a fast, convenient way to pay for something you need, a personal loan may be exactly what you’re looking for.

So don’t you need perfect credit to apply for a personal loan?

Does anyone actually have perfect credit? What if you don’t get approved?

Questions like these are enough to scare anyone when they apply for a loan, but don’t fear! We’ve taken the worry and stress out of finding a lender that can offer loans for people with bad credit. Pocket Cash has a fast online application process that doesn’t need you to have perfect credit. If you have an income and a bank account, you’re halfway there already!

If you’ve applied for a bank loan lately, you’ll know just what a drag it can be. Long waiting times and heaps of paperwork! Instead of going through all of that, you can apply for a lender that can offer personal loans for people with bad credit.

We work with Australia’s best loan companies to offer you the financial boost you need – no matter what your credit history is like!

Whether you’re looking for some fast cash to pay for plumbing repairs or a new dress for your cousin’s wedding, we’ll do our best to find you a lender that can help. As long as you live and work in Australia and have a regular income, we’d love you to apply!

To give you a head start, here’s everything you need to know about personal loans.

Wait, loans for people with bad credit really exist?

Yes they do! Don’t let a less-than-perfect credit score get you down – you don’t need one to apply for our lender-finding service. Many of our customers apply, simply because they can. They think that there are no lenders for people with bad credit out there – and it’s our pleasure to surprise them!

While banks and traditional lenders may give you the run-around because of your credit score, our loan providers can look at your whole financial situation. We don’t see why you should be denied a loan just because you forgot to pay an account more than a year ago. Or you skipped a credit card payment or two! That’s why we find lenders who can offer personal loans for bad credit.

How are we able to find lenders that offer loans for people with bad credit when other companies reject them? It’s simple: we work with loan companies that can understand the needs of real customers. We can find you providers who offer the best loans for people with bad credit.

We understand the challenges of life, and we know that bad credit doesn’t make you a bad customer – in fact, you’re probably an ideal match for our lenders. Here’s what you’ll need to know before you apply for a personal loan.

How do loans for people with bad credit work?

Are you ready to solve your financial worries in one click? To help you apply, we need to fill you in on a few details about personal loans.

First things first, you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to apply for a personal loan through our website. Basically, our lenders just need to know that you’ll be around to repay your loan!

Next up, you’ll need to have a regular income before you can apply for a personal loan. This could be a salary or a Centrelink payment. Most lenders also need to check that your income and expenses balance out nicely. They may never put you in a tight spot with a monthly loan repayment that breaks your budget!

So, if you meet these two requirements – congrats! You’re almost good to go. Now let’s look at the loan application process and the steps that are involved.

Loans for people with bad credit: how to apply

Unlike old-school loan companies that make their customers wait in long lines and fill in reams of paperwork, we keep things simple. Our online application process means you can apply from the comfort of your home or office – it’s as easy as checking your email or posting on Facebook. In fact, most customers finish applying in just a few minutes!

First of all, you’ll want to do is choose your loan amount and repayment period. You can do all of that by using the slider on our application page.

By sliding from left to right, you can easily choose any loan between $2,100 and $10,000.

Once you’ve chosen the amount that suits your needs, choose how many months you’d like to take to pay back your loan. If you’d like to borrow anything from $2,100 to $10,000, you’ll need to choose a repayment period between 13 and 24 months.

Choosing the amount you need is easy enough – but what about the repayment period? Basically, the longer you choose to repay your loan, the lower your monthly payments will be. On the other hand, if you choose a shorter repayment period you’ll be able to pay off your loan quicker and get it over with.

It’s totally up to you, and our awesome team of consultants will be on-hand to help you out when you make your application.

Once you’ve chosen your loan amount and repayment time, click “apply” and you’ll be through to the final round! After this, we just need a little extra info from you. So here’s what you can expect us to ask you for.

Need a loan with bad credit? Here’s what you need to submit

Before we find you a lender, we’ll need some info from you. Basically, it’s our way of getting to know you, learning about your financial situation, and finding you a lender that can offer loans for people with bad credit.

All you will need to submit the info below – and you can do it all online. No scanning and printing needed!

  • Your proof of ID – to show that you’re an Aussie citizen or resident
  • Your employment details
  • If you receive a Centrelink income, your myGov details
  • Your internet banking details – we need these to confirm your income
  • A valid phone number and email address – so our friendly support team can contact you!

Once we have the details we need, we’ll get to work finding you a lender. It usually takes us an hour or so to verify your details. If we find you a lender, we’ll let you know and they should be in touch shortly. If your new lender needs any extra info, they’ll give you a call or send an email requesting further details.

If we feel that your application may not be accepted, we’ll keep it real and advise you to go to your plan B.

Myth busted: loans for people with bad credit don’t take days to be approved!

Bad credit doesn’t mean that your personal loan will take days to be approved. In fact, we’ll probably be able to find you a lender that can offer loans for bad credit within a few hours. Personal loans for people with bad credit are our speciality – and we know how to work fast!

Once you’ve applied and submitted the info we need, sit back, relax and wait for our call of your new lender!

If you’ve had to wait days to get a loan application result in the past – those days are over! We know how important it is to get the cash you need without delays – and because of that, we do our best to find a lender every application as fast as possible.

The only times you may have to wait overnight is if you apply outside of business hours or if the contact details you provide aren’t valid. You can really help us out by checking your phone number and email address before you submit. That way, we’ll be able to reach you quickly and easily!

Bad credit loans can just what you need!

We can find you a lender when an emergency strikes, and you need cash quick. Don’t let bills get you down, apply for our lender-finding service today and say yes to a headache-free application and quick outcomes.

Whether you need dental care, physiotherapy, or a minor operation, you shouldn’t have to worry about how to pay for it. Our quick loan turnaround time means you’ll be able to get the treatment you need ASAP if your application is approved.

Are you ready to forget your financial worries? Time to apply!

Whatever you need cash for, there’s a fast and easy way to get your finances back in top shape. Now that you know exactly how loans for people with bad credit work, you can go ahead and apply. We’re waiting to make you our next satisfied customer!

So if you’re an Aussie (citizen or resident) with a regular income, you’re ready to go! Now all you need to do is get your info together, choose your loan amount, and click “apply”! You’ll be done within minutes and you’ll know the result of your application before you know it.

Simply slide the tab on our application page to select your loan amount and the repayment period. We’ll guide you through the steps you need follow and as a result, you can change your finances in just a few minutes? Apply for a lender that can offer a personal loan today!

No credit check loans– are they legit? Find out more with Pocket Cash!

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