For bad credit personal loans and more,
let us find you a lender.

For bad credit personal loans and more, let us find you a lender
Bad Credit Loans Australia with Guaranteed Approval on Centrelink | Guide

Bad Credit Loans Australia with Guaranteed Approval on Centrelink | Guide

“Bad credit loans Australia guaranteed approval on Centrelink”: If that’s what led you here, you’re not the only one searching for this term. Pocket Cash unpacks this commonly searched phrase to help you find the right loan for you. 

Looking for a bad credit loan?

Searching for bad credit loans in Australia with guaranteed approval on Centrelink? Are you looking for alternatives to avoid bad credit loans that require you to pay a high rate of interest? Yes, personal loans for Centrelink beneficiaries may be a possible alternative to bad credit loans with lenders who are open to providing such credit lines. Though Pocket Cash is a lender finding service and cannot promise guaranteed loan approval, we have access to a large pool of lenders with a demonstrated history of providing bad credit loans on Centrelink.

Want some quick cash but unable to get approved for a personal loan in Australia due to your credit history? Indeed, the credit score is a factor in loan approval though it is not the only thing to influence your eligibility for a cash loan. Your employment, regular income and current spending habits add to your eligibility and can potentially effectively negate any impediment to getting a loan posed by your credit history. Are you without a job? Still, you have a good chance to get cash loans from many lenders if you are receiving Centrelink benefits.

Can I get a loan on Centrelink? 

Centrelink provides an array of financial benefits to Australians to cover their loss or lack of adequate income due to unemployment, disability, the need to care for family members and look after their children, for example. These social security payments can be considered by some lenders as regular salary income, with which bad credit loans in Australia may be a possibility. 

There are lenders that Pocket Cash can pair you with who may be able to provide bad credit loans on Centrelink payments and, depending on their policies, you may stand a good chance of getting cash in your account on the same day. As a lender finder service, Pocket Cash is duly obliged to connect you to the potential lenders willing to consider your application. We cannot guarantee loan approval. However, we may be able to improve your chances of having a quick loan by helping you find lenders willing to give you the best shot at approval on a bad credit loan.

What loans can I get on Centrelink?

You may have a range of loan options when it comes to Centrelink payments, despite having a bad credit score. While Centrelink advance is an option worth consideration, you may opt for fast personal loans or payday loans. Some lenders can accept permanent Centrelink payments as regular income and provide loans based on these social security benefits regardless of your credit history. If you are looking for bad credit loans for Australia with guaranteed approval on Centrelink, you have a good chance of getting a fast outcome from the lender we match you up with. 

Recipients of Centrelink payments can apply for the following types of loans.

  • Centrelink advance payment: You may seek advance payments from Centrelink itself. This is not a loan but a cash advance without any interest charged. It allows you to get a lump sum amount in advance and repayments are in the form of deductions through instalments from your future Centrelink payments spread over a few months. However, there are limitations to the amount, frequency and eligibility for applying for such a cash advance.
  • Quick personal loans: Do you know Centrelink payments can be considered as part of your income by some personal loan providers? We may be able to help you find a lender able to offer Centrelink loans based on more than just your credit score. Applications on Pocket Cash can be applied for in minutes and we aim to have an indication of whether we think we can help you in 60 minutes or less. You’ll find more information about what Centrelink payments we can consider, here
  • Payday loan: Centrelink payments are similar to your regular salary, as you receive them every fortnight. This may enable you to try applying for short-term payday loans if you need urgent cash. Your bad credit may not be a hindrance to getting a payday loan as long as you have an assured income. However, payday loans can be costly compared to personal loans.
  • Loans with collateral: If you have a bad credit score, you may apply for a loan with collateral such as a car, caravan, ute or motorbike tied to the loan as security. 

If you are looking for bad credit loans in Australia with guaranteed approval on Centrelink, try Pocket Cash instead. We are a lender finding service and cannot guarantee loan approval. However, you have a very good chance at getting a quick cash loan outcome regardless of your credit history and will put you in touch with a lender that indicates it is possible to say yes to your circumstances. 

How can I get a loan with bad credit and Centrelink?

In order to apply for bad credit loans in Australia on Centrelink, you should have been receiving Centrelink payments for at least the past 90 days. Pocket Cash’s lender finding service provides a quick way of applying for a loan online. Those receiving the permanent pension, disability, farm household, widow or parenting allowances may be able to apply for personal loans on Centrelink when with or without a supplemental job. They stand a strong chance of getting a quick outcome and possibly loans within hours on Centrelink despite bad credit history, if it’s a concern.

What Centrelink benefits will stop me from getting a loan?

Those receiving temporary Centrelink benefits, including Newstart and youth allowance, may not qualify for bad credit loans in Australia. Pocket Cash connects prospective borrowers to lenders with who may be able to approve loans on Centrelink. Though the lender finding service cannot guarantee the loan approval, it may improve your chance of getting bad credit loans on Centrelink or an alternative due to its wide pool of lenders and ability to put your single application in front of numerous lenders, saving you time. 

Centrelink payments allow a regular flow of cash into your account and many Aussie lenders accept this as equivalent to salary income for loan application and approval. Since it is a regular earning, you can get a loan based on Centrelink and your credit history cannot hold your loan application. 

Depending on your expenses and debt, regular cash flow into your bank account may deem you capable of repaying a loan timeously. However, if you’re concerned about either bad credit or Centrelink payments holding you back, consider a secured loan. You may be able to attach an asset to your loan as security which may reduce a lenders concern of your loan becoming bad debt. Some lenders may also be able to consider a lower interest rate when an asset is secured to the loan. 

Are there any guaranteed loans for bad credit?

First, a warning. There is no such thing as a guaranteed loan unless a lender has had a prior look at your income, expenditure and credit record to pre-qualify you for a loan. Even so, you may want to be wary of anyone offering guaranteed approval as it could indicate that due diligence has not been done in assessing your application.

You may be able to get loans for bad credit in Australia. However, again, the term “guaranteed” is something you need to pay careful attention to. No responsible lender can 100% assure you loans for bad credit without checking your personal and financial details. Eligibility and income validations by lenders typically precede any loan application, approval and processing. You can know the final outcome only after you made an application seeking a loan.

How does Centrelink affect loan applications?

With regular and on-going Centrelink payments, you may be able to get a personal loan even if you have a bad credit score. However, a lender claiming to offer bad credit loans in Australia with guaranteed approval on Centrelink should be dealt with cautiously. 

Borrowers should examine any such offer carefully before proceeding. A responsible and fair lender always looks into income and personal details while approving a loan and just receiving Centrelink payments does not make you automatically eligible for a loan.

Centrelink payments, such as Newstart and youth allowance are temporary and not likely to be accepted as regular income for the purpose of getting a loan. Your financial liabilities and expenditure pattern are also considered when your credit score is low. So, claiming guaranteed approval before checking details raises questions on a lender’s sincerity.

Alternatively, you may go for loans for bad credit. Being a lender finding service, Pocket Cash helps you connect with lenders and find one that we think may be able to say yes to your loan application.

How can Pocket Cash help?

Pocket Cash is a lender finding service. With a mission to assist every Australian find a loan product specific to his needs and conditions, it is at the forefront of connecting borrowers with lenders. Pocket Cash can help borrowers to:

  • find a lender through a single application,
  • get access to a range of personal loan products to suit your need for funds,
  • apply for secured loans,
  • find a suitable lender with a demonstrated history of providing similar loans,
  • have a loan outcome in as quickly as 60 minutes,
  • get cash in the bank account on the same day where lenders offer this service, and
  • apply for secured loans on Centrelink.

Can Pocket Cash guarantee loan approval?

Pocket Cash is a lender finding service. Since it is not a lender, it cannot guarantee loan approval. But it enables you to have the best chance of getting a personal loan. You don’t get a guarantee of approval for loans with bad credit but rather, a fair go at getting instant cash loans to overcome an emergency.

Thousands of Australians have received personal loans with bad credit following their applications at Pocket Cash. The lender finder connects borrowers to lenders with a history of offering products similar to loans they are seeking and boosts their chances of quick loans regardless of credit score and job status. For example, we don’t claim bad credit loans in Australia with guaranteed approval on Centrelink. Make sure your application reaches those offering bad credit loans or loans on Centrelink.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To apply for loans with bad credit at, borrowers must be:

  • A citizen of Australia or permanent residents in the country
  • 18 years or above of age
  • Holding a valid address, email and direct contact number
  • Receiving a regular income or Centrelink payments for more than 3 months

What documents will I need?

Pocket Cash offers a 100% online application process and you don’t have to submit any paper document. You need to have the following things ready when applying for bad credit loans with the lender finder.

  • Proof of regular income or Centrelink payments for the last 90 days (bank account/Internet banking)
  • A bank account in which you receive your regular income or social security payment.
  • Internet banking credentials of the above-cited bank account to verify the income.
  • Proof of ID, age, residency and citizenship.
  • If applying based on Centrelink, share myGov credentials.
  • Job and employers details, if you are employed.

How can I improve my chances of loan approval?

When you have a bad credit history, you need to pay attention to the following points and improve your chances of loan approval.

  • Improve your credit score and debt-to-income ratio.
  • Apply with a co-applicant, who has a good credit history or regular income.
  • You may apply for loans with collateral.
  • Find and apply at lenders with a record of providing loans to those with financial conditions and credit scores similar to you.
  • Highlight the fact that you have sufficient regular income to pay back the loan.
  • Make sure you are 100% eligible for a loan.
  • Seek a loan amount you can repay comfortably.

Apply with Pocket Cash today!

If you are looking for quick bad credit loans in Australia with guaranteed approval on Centrelink, Pocket Cash is ready to help you. Connect with a large pool of lenders and find the best suitable one for you. We do not guarantee loan approval but let you find lenders who have a prior history of providing loans to borrowers similar to you and this improves your chance of getting a loan up to $10,000 regardless of your credit score.

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