For bad credit personal loans and more,
let us find you a lender.

For bad credit personal loans and more, let us find you a lender
Personal Loan Assistance – Get A Personal Loan Up To $10,000 Online

Personal Loan Assistance – Get A Personal Loan Up To $10,000 Online

Personal loan assistance is vital when your pockets start feeling a bit empty. If you think you could do with a bit of a cash injection, why not consider a personal loan? Pocket Cash is a money lender finding service that can help those that are seeking cash loans. Personal loans range from $2,100 to $10,000 and can have different payment periods and costs depending on the model. If you’re looking to make the lender-finding process a whole lot easier for yourself, apply with Pocket Cash today!

What is a personal loan?

Personal loans are a type of finance option that is available to individuals. If your pockets are feeling a bit empty and could do with a top-up, a personal loan could be what you’re after. There are a variety of types with different terms and costs, including low interest personal loans. While we are not a lender, we can help our customers find lenders. Does a personal loan sound like it could be what you’re after? Let us outline why they can be so useful.

What can personal loans be used for?

Quick personal loans have a whole heap of different uses! Have you ever found yourself in a position where a bit of extra cash could really help you out of a tight spot? Depending on the situation, a loan could help you out.

When it comes to the uses of a loan, your immediate thought might be times of emergency. Maybe your car has broken down and you can’t wait until payday to get it fixed, or you’ve just paid off a pile of bills and then find out you need to get a tooth fixed right away. In times like this, a financial boost can help give you the breathing space you need to avoid stressing out.

However, a personal loan doesn’t just have to be for when things go south. If you’ve been working hard and feel like treating yourself, but you don’t quite have the money right now, consider taking out a loan! You can use the extra cash to help take yourself on a holiday as a reward for putting in the hard yards every day.

A personal loan is extremely versatile and can have various potential uses. What would you use your personal loan for?

For more information about personal loans and what you can use them for, head over to ASIC’s MoneySmart website.

How much does a personal loan cost?

The cost of a personal loan can differ depending on the lender. As we aren’t a lender, we can’t guarantee what your loan will look like until we find one for you. Remember to read your loan contract thoroughly, as it will contain all the relevant costs.

Can I still get a personal loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, it is possible to get a personal loan from an online lender even if you have bad credit. If you’ve applied for a loan with a bank and been rejected because of bad credit, you might hesitate at the mention of credit checks. However, there’s no need to worry. While many of the online lenders we deal with do conduct credit checks, your credit score is not the be-all and end-all. They focus more on your current financial situation and ability to repay a loan than bad credit.

Bad experiences with bank loans can cause some people to feel a bit hopeless. As a result, they might start searching online without really having an idea of what to look for. You have no idea how many times we’ve heard of people searching for things like “personal loans no credit check” or “personal loans online instant approval no credit check” simply because they don’t know what else to do. At Pocket Cash, we understand that those with bad credit can still find themselves in situations where they need an extra cash boost. That’s where we come in.

Because our lender-partners consider more than just your credit score, you can apply with us even if you have bad credit. So if you’ve been looking for bad credit unsecured personal loans with very fast approval, apply with Pocket Cash and let’s see if we can find you a lender!

How can Pocket Cash help me get a personal loan?

Pocket Cash is a lender-finding service, not a lender, so we don’t provide cash directly. Our job is to help our customers find lenders who can provide them with the loans they want. Think of us as a shortcut to finding lenders offering personal loans online.

If you had to look for a lender by yourself, where would you start? Perhaps you’d search for “best personal loans” or “cheap personal loans.” That would get you countless pages of search results. What now?

Pocket Cash takes the guesswork out of looking for lenders. Many people who are in the market for a loan want to act fast and get the cash they’re after. After all, that’s the end goal, right? We understand that you don’t want to on your computer for hours on end comparing loan terms from different lenders. Our lender-finding process can help you find a lender faster. All it takes is a quick application from you, and we’ll take it from there.

While you’re focusing on your other commitments, we’ll be scouring the lending market. So, if we find a lender for you, we’ll put you in touch with them quickly. How about that – you could be one step closer to getting the loan you want, and all it took was a speedy application! We can even find lenders that can provide personal loans for bad credit!

How do I apply with Pocket Cash?

Applying with Pocket Cash takes just a few simple steps! The first one of those is to make sure that you’re eligible. Unlike some past experiences you might have had, you won’t find any unreasonable requirements when it comes to our lender-finding service. We just have a few boxes you’ll need to tick off to ensure that we’ll be able to look for lenders.

To apply with Pocket Cash, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or over;
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Have received a regular income into a personal bank account for at least the past 90 days;
  • Have a valid phone number and email address.

Once you’ve made sure that you’re eligible, your next port of call is to fill out an application. Simply scroll up to the top of any page on our website and check out the slider. Adjust the toggle and use the drop-down arrow until you have your desired loan amount and repayment period, then click apply now!

When you do that, you’ll be taken to the application form. This is about as simple and straightforward as applications come. We’ll ask you for only the details that we need for the purpose of finding lenders, so you don’t have to worry about being given the third degree. When you’re done, click submit and you’re done!

All that’s left is for us to search for lenders. If we find one for you, we’ll let you know and put you in touch with them super fast. Why waste time searching for lenders on your own when you could apply with Pocket Cash and make things so much easier?

Why choose us?

The advantage to using our lender-finding service is that we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped countless customers find lenders, and we’d love to do the same for you. If you’re not used to the lending industry, searching for lenders can be both intimidating and honestly kind of boring. Whether you’ve had a busy day at work and are trying to do a million different things before you go to bed, or you’ve got the day to yourself, chances are you don’t want to spend hours comparing loan terms.

We understand completely! That’s why Pocket Cash is committed to making the lender-finding process easier, simpler, and quicker. The basis of this is our streamlined application. Gone are the days of page after page of paperwork, unnecessary requirements and confusing jargon. Our application process is 100% online, so it uses no paper and can be accessed at a time and place that suits you. We only ask for the details that we need from you, and we speak in straightforward terms that you don’t need a degree in finance to understand.

Did we mention that we’re fast as well? That applies not only to our applications but our outcomes too. Filling out an application form can take just a few minutes, so you don’t need to set aside hours just to get it done. Once you submit it, we start looking for lenders. If we find one for you, we’ll connect you with them as soon as possible so you can discuss your loan further.

Why waste time searching for lenders any other way? When you want an efficient lender-finding service, Pocket Cash is the way to go!

Finding personal loan providers is so easy with Pocket Cash!

For all the agony and anxiety that you might imagine when you think of looking for lenders, Pocket Cash proves that it doesn’t have to be a chore. When you apply with us, we do the hard work for you so that you can get back to what you do best. Whether you’re looking for personal loans for bad credit, loans, Pocket Cash can make the lender-finding process so much easier. Why go it alone when you could have us on your side?

While we put a lot of emphasis on the speed and efficiency of our service, we don’t want to rush you into a decision. Looking for a lender and taking out a loan are big steps to take, so we understand that you want to be certain before you do anything. If you want to know more about us so you can be sure you’re making the right choice, we have some good news. You’re already in the best place to do just that! Our website is stacked with information about our lender-finding service and how it works.

To take a look at some examples of possible loan structures, head on over to our Costs page. If you’ve got some questions that need answering, our FAQs section has a bunch that we’ve already answered! If you’ve got a more specific question about your application, or just one that you can’t find the answer to, feel free to fill out a form on the Contact us page. We’ll get back to you ASAP to clear things up.

Ready to go? Apply with Pocket Cash today to start the search for lenders!

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